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About Connect Social


Connect will develop and deploy a world class social media application based on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform will rival current social media standards by creating a decentralised network for users while maintaining full transparency throughout growth and beyond.

Token Proposition

Connect is a necessary commodity that is required to access certain functions on the Connect Network. These digital Tokens act primarily as a form of data & medium of exchange, but have a value proposition based on two other key concepts.

Proof Of Influence

Influence: Staking Connect Digital Tokens in the form of Influence allows access to advanced features and adds more weight to user’s vote on the distribution of content payouts and rewards.


Content Economy

Your content is currency. Monetise social interaction. Influence the world.

Private Messaging

Enjoy privacy beyond comparison. Interact securely.

Marketplace + Token Wallet

Direct transactions with Connect tokens.

New Advertising Model

Curate ads for the user, by the user.

Our Vision


At Connect, we strive to empower the social media user with revolutionary blockchain technology.


Connect’s purpose is to solve the biggest problems of social media today, ranging from privacy concerns to interfaces over-saturated with push advertising.


Connect maintain the highest levels of professional integrity, through honesty within the team and transparency for the user. Connect hold's that collaboration will pave way for collective progression, moving forward. Furthermore, we prime our ethical position on humanist ideals and concern. Thus, operating in the here and now enables us to address privacy for the majority and the accountability for the minority.



Scott More info
Scott Richards CEO & Co-Founder
Mark More info
Mark Francis Co-Founder
Patrick More info
Patrick Heaton Co-Founder


Lucas Cullen
Lucas Cullen Solidity/Smart Contract Engineer
John Mangan
Professor John Mangan Professor of Economics at the University of Queensland
John Flood
Professor John Flood Professor of Law and Society at Griffith University
Michael Trott
Michael Trott Director Cyber Security, Optus Business
Steve Constani
Steve Constanti Marketing and Content Advisor
Steve Constani
Aaron McEwan Motivational Coach/HR Adviser

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3/34 Florence St Teneriffe
Brisbane 4005